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Am’origin (Farm Tangchaidee)

Farm Tangchaidee

Organic farm according to the new theory of King Rama IX and mixed with my own style. No chemical use, biofertilizer use only, produce food in animal raising itself. Create a agricultural trajectory in the form “Natural, natural”. Produce fresh vegetables, fruits and processing such as black garlic, sesame snack, herbal oil etc., with a premium grade, in order to respond to all good health lovers.

We also help villagers, by our knowledge, branding, marketing, product processing, and innovation to farmers in the 7 districts of Mae Hong Son province as well.

“Tangchaidee” means “good intention” founded by 3 handsome men😁, who have a passion for agriculture, permaculture, health care and love environment, love earth. We want to preserve this world for the children live in good condition as long as possible, even if it is only a small fraction. We came up on a very tiny farm in Mueang District, Mae Hong Son Province, Northern of Thailand.

Manopas Umpaphol

Paul, Manopas Umpaphol

CEO | Brand Concept | Online Marketing
Bee, Nutpaphon Jarunawin

Bee, Nutpaphon Jarunawin

Farm Manager | Innovation
Nut, Phaggavatt Isarawayo

Nut, Phaggavatt Isarawayo

Accountant | Marketing | Innovation